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Registry Corrector 5.2

A complete set of tools to analyze and repair your Windows registry and system
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RegistryCorrector is a system utility that incorporates a very complete set of tools to analyze, detect errors and inconsistencies in your Windows system registry and repair them, turning your registry into a cleaner and lighter one, thus avoiding typical system failures, such as slowness and crashes. It also includes additional interesting tools to analyze and repair other areas of your system, besides the registry.

RegistryCorrector's interface is pleasant and intuitive. It basically presents all the available tools classified under categories, like Scan & Clean, Repair & Fix, Optimize, and Backups. Among the most important and helpful tools, I should mention the "1-Click Scan & Clean", which analyzes key areas of your registry and system - looking for critical errors - and shows you a report of all the problems found just within a few minutes. You have also the "Evidence Cleaner", which looks for the tracks left by your activities both in your Internet browsers’ cache and in your Windows system.

Additional tools are the "Junk Cleaner", which looks for useless files that unnecessarily takes up disk space; the "Internet Explorer Corrector", which analyzes your Internet Explorer in search of hijack and component problems; the "Memory Optimizer", which analyzes your system memory and CPU usage in real time; the "Start-Up Wizard", which allows you to manage the programs that automatically start up with Windows, and the "PC Optimizer", very useful to change your PC's configuration automatically and to optimize it according to certain pre-defined models, according to your needs. To top it all off, there are additional tools to back up your system registry, your Internet browsers' favorites, and your system drivers.

Despite the multiple tools this program offers, it is very important to know that the trial version used for this review will just analyze your system in different areas and present error reports. Thus, none of these tools will repair your system in any way. Every time you click on any of the "Repair" buttons available, you are redirected to the program's purchase web page. In other words, this trial version only allows you to know the problems your system suffers from, but it will not allow you to fix them. Moreover, the purchase policies offered are a bit complex. They offer you a 14-days "real" trial version for $4.95, with a 60-days money back guarantee, which allows you to repair the errors in your PC during those that period of time. Besides that, in case you decide to keep the program, you have to pay $11.90 on a monthly basis, which may make this program really expensive in the long term, considering that other programs offer similar functionality for just one single payment.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Intuitive and pleasant interface
  • Very comprehensive set of tools
  • Not only finds registry errors, but also general system errors
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows


  • Its trial version only finds the errors on your system, but it does not repair them
  • Its purchase policies are confusing
  • Expensive in the long term
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